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      Rick and Ellen French have been in the  pet industry for over 40 years! Rick has worked for a manufacturer and a distributor before becoming a retailer.  Ellen began her career in Berkeley, where she started Your Basic Bird in 1974. The store still exists today. After selling the business and moving on to their next adventure, they opened a successful tropical fish and bird store in Oakland in 1981. They were offered the opportunity to take over The Animal Company in 2001  and they were ready to embark on their next business endeavor.

      The Animal Company first opened in 1976 as a small neighborhood pet store providing pets and supplies to the Noe Valley community. For over 3 generations, young and old have come in to visit the various birds and animals, returning with their children and grandchildren to share the same wonderful experience they had.  

      After 36 years at the original location, the store moved two blocks down the street into the heart of Noe Valley. The new space offered tall ceilings and a bright new atmosphere! Some of the old charm stayed along with the new, happy birds, happy folks, and good times for all.

      The store’s focus changed when the store moved. While still providing a full supply of products for dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles and fish, the largest emphasis is on hand fed exotic birds and accessories. While they do not sell dogs and cats, they always encourage adoption from the many rescue agencies in the Bay Area (please see the list of agencies on the resources and news page).

      As you enter the front doors of The Animal Company your senses will come alive. Along with the old, funky and fun, you will find the newest and best products available.

      The Animal Company team always strives to maintain the highest standards in the health and care of all our animals. We pass this knowledge on to any future pet owners.

      We offer a variety of exotic birds. They are lovingly raised with the healthiest diets in a clean and conscientiously maintained environment. Socialization of the birds is very important part of their upbringing. Because we offer healthy, well cared for birds, many people travel great distances to come to The Animal Company. Since we do what we know best, we do a better job.

      High quality products and healthy birds! Friendly folks who know their products, giving good service and advice.....what more could you want?